Narda Unveils New Interference and Direction Analyzer

Narda Test Solutions has announced the release of its new IDA 2 interference and direction analyzer, a device designed to identify and localize interference.

While many modern spectrum analyzers offer the ability to identify interference, the IDA 2 adds the ability to localize that interference. Narda's IDA 2 has I/Q analysis functions to locate sporadic or hidden interference beneath regular signals. Narda claims the hand-held directional finders it developed can localize complex signals interference much faster than with conventional hand-held units. The new device includes a built-in GPS receiver and electronic compass.

Narda's "smartDF" processes the bearing results and automatically determines transmitter locations. Narda's IDA 2 Interference and Direction Analyzer webpage includes links to an application note and technical article explaining how the device works and display shots from the device. The specifications are impressive: real-time bandwidths of up to 32 MHz, a fast sweep at 12 GHz/sec. and a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.

As spectrum becomes more crowded and modulation methods more complex, tracking down interference is becoming increasingly more difficult. Narda's IDA 2 and the advanced spectrum analyzers other companies recently announced will be important weapons in the battle against spectrum pollution.