How to Ensure Your Compliance Platform Keeps Evolving

The Actus Digital View and Clip Factory for compliance and monitoring clips for social media (Image credit: Actus Digital)

Traditionally, compliance solutions have been used by broadcasters and media operators for recording, monitoring and maintaining compliance with mandatory requirements, such as loudness regulations, SCTE standards and closed caption rules. 

But over the last few years, the definition of compliance solutions has started to evolve. As the market changes and broadcasters look for new ways to maximize workflow efficiency, compliance solutions are handling an even greater range of tasks. 


Beyond helping broadcasters comply with regulations, they need a solution that can perform tasks such as quality assurance, video analysis, advanced clips creation for social, OTT monitoring, multiviewer capabilities, automatic clipping, keywords alerts, ads detection and more. Being able to perform all of these tasks from a single platform, broadcasters can achieve ROI. Performing multiple tasks from one platform also saves costs, reduces rack space, maintenance and training.

A feature that has become especially useful for broadcasters is fast content turnaround for repurposing on social media, web and OTT platforms. By having a compliance platform that also performs clips editing, adding metadata, as well as automation clips options, broadcasters can replace the old legacy editing systems typically used for clips creation to save costs, increase operational efficiency and speed up their workflow.

Broadcasters are also now relying on compliance solutions to check the quality of service of the aired content. Being able to receive real-time alerts regarding any issues related to audio, video, loudness, closed captions and subtitles, broadcasters can respond to quality of service issues faster than ever. 

There’s also a growing trend to use compliance solutions to perform program rating analysis as well as competitive analysis. In doing so, broadcasters can improve future program planning and enhance the content to boost ratings.


Compliance solutions are embracing multiple tasks and supporting multiple deployment environments, such as on-premise, virtualization, cloud and hybrid. Having this flexibility allows broadcasters to select the deployment type that best fits their business model and current market requirements. They can seamlessly switch between deployment environments, as needed. 


AI (artificial intelligence) is the future of compliance solutions, speeding up workflows even further by allowing media companies to automatically tag, organize and categorize video recordings for retrieval of relevant content and clips creation for social media outlets and the web. AI saves hours of manual labor, making what used to be complex tasks instantaneous.

Through the power of AI, media companies can more intelligently monitor and search for content, finding content based on spoken words, text that appears in video content, specific faces and ads that have been aired. 

Over the last several years, there’s been a wave of compliance solutions reaching their end of life. Choosing a compliance solution, with flexible deployment options, AI features and the capability to perform a wide range of tasks will help your media business grow and keep evolving. 

Sima Levy is the CEO of Actus Digital.

Sima Levy