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Zandar HD multiviewers used on world’s largest mobile production truck

Based in Italy, Euroscena SpA’s MPC34 HD production truck, one of the world’s largest, incorporates a total of 54 Zandar Predator HD8 multiviewers for the processing, configuration and display of multiple HD signals.

The massive MPC34 HD truck, built by Thomson’s Systems division, is actually made up of three mobile units, including its own TV studio, and is being used to produce a variety of major Italian and international entertainment and sporting events. The vehicle has a separate secondary video production area and audio area in which Predator HD MultiViewers are also featured.

Inside the main gallery of the truck’s production area, up to 96 video sources including cameras, VTRs, slow-motion equipment, graphics and external feeds are monitored using Predator HD8 MultiViewers. Source layout is configured using a quad split for display on LCD monitors.

Each Predator HD8 multiviewer handles up to eight SD or HD-SDI inputs; Euroscena operators can configure each display using the intuitive and easy-to-use Z-Configurator layout editing software. Euroscena uses this feature when transitioning between different events where the monitoring requirements differ. Various templates are created using the software’s drag-and-drop feature in order to quickly create and save new layout sizes.

The MPC34 HD is specifically designed to handle sporting events. During tennis championships, the vehicle provides multiple feeds from two or three courts and for soccer matches it will handle both local and international feeds as well as the presenter’s feeds. For rock concerts, the company will provide live coverage along with the possibility of separate broadcast and digital cinema feeds. This is in addition to the lavishly designed VIP suites for artists on the truck itself.

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