Z Technology Introduces System for Measuring DVB-T Field Strength

Z Technology announced a new DTV measurement system for the DVB-T standard. Z Technology systems have been widely used in the United States for ATSC DTV coverage measurements and the new DS5600T provides enhanced field strength and signal quality measurement capability to countries using any of the DVB-T modes in 6, 7 or 8 MHz RF channel bandwidths. The system covers VHF band III and UHF band IV and V channels.

The system consists of an NIST traceable field strength meter, a diversity DVB-T decoder, a GPS receiver, a 12 VDC/AC mains power system and a Windows-based laptop PC running a new version of Z Technology's DriveTest software. NIST traceable antennas are available as an option.

The DS5600T replaces the DS5600A. Owners of the older model may contact Z Technology for information on upgrading their system to include the new diversity decoder, 12-channel WAAS enabled GPS receiver and the new DriveTest software. Z Technology's web site www.ZTechnology.com has additional information on the DS5600T and other measurement equipment.