Yes, Virginia, we have media assets at home

In the world of professional media asset management, a media asset is simply any kind of media that has value. For consumers, the same value system applies.

IntelliScanner Collector is a new media asset management system for the home. Introduced at MacWorld in San Francisco, Intelli Innovations of Cary, N.C. offers the new system for keeping up with an overflowing collection of books, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and assorted other entertainment industry detritus.

IntelliScanner Collector uses a barcode reader that's similar to the devices at department store checkout counters. The reader scans the UPC barcodes on entertainment media and automatically infuses a software database on the users Apple Macintosh computer with such information as title, director, author, and genre.

It also grabs artwork for each entry and allows the user to annotate the listings with ratings, notes, borrower names and due dates, and even the page number or time that you stopped reading, listening, or watching.

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