Yankees broadcast with use of Sony 3X slow-motion technology

For the 2007 baseball season, the YES Network, TV home of the New York Yankees, has added Sony’s new HDC-3300 HD 3X slow-motion cameras for baseball coverage.

Network officials said viewer response to the 3X super slow-motion shots had been excellent, because the technology allowed viewers and announcers to do motion analysis and get a better view of close plays.

The network primarily uses the camera in its mid-first above-the-field position, located between first base and home plate. The HDC-3300 camera is mounted with an extremely long lens on a small high hat with a tripod head.

The Sony HDC-3300 system transmits 180fps in HD paired with an EVS server. The camera outputs normal speed signals simultaneously for live feeds through separate digital signal processing. It includes three 2/3in high speed progressive CCDs, and enables recording at 1920 x 1080i or 150i, as well as 1280 x 720/180p or 150p.

Sony’s HD super slow-motion system was developed to the manufacturer’s HDC-1500 multiformat cameras, which are also used by YES.