Yamaha U.S. Chief Says No Japanese-based Employees Reported Injured

BUENA PARK, CALIF.: The chief of Yamaha’s operations in the United States said no employees of the professional audio company have been reported injured in Japan. The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Hamamatsu on Japan’s central East coast. Tak Nakata, president of Yamaha Corp. of America, is in the city.

“On behalf of Yamaha, I wish to thank our business partners in the United States for their thoughts and prayers in response to the earthquake that impacted Japan and the Pacific basin last night,” he said Saturday. “As far as we know, no Yamaha employees have been injured as a result of this disaster. Also, there has been no significant damage to our offices or factories. It is still too early to determine if this ongoing situation will affect shipments due to the currently unknown impact on ports, vessels and shipping lanes. We will provide additional information just as soon as it is made available to Yamaha.

“The destruction and damage in Japan is quite massive in cities and coastal towns in Northern Japan. We pray for those individuals and families impacted by his catastrophe.”