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XOS Digital Taps AJA for Instant Replay

AJA Video Systems Inc. recently struck a deal with sports team digital technologies provider XOS Digital on a high-definition instant replay system.

The setup combines XOS Digital’s HD Replay system and AJA’s KONA LHi capture cards and HDP2 Mini-Converters. On-field broadcast trucks send uncompressed HD-SDI video to the KONA card residing in the XOS HD Replay. The footage is then routed through an HDP2 for uncompressed playback on a standard computer monitor in the replay booth.

Playback footage comes in multiple angles and at a high picture quality, providing NCAA officials with the evidence needed to quickly make the call.

The first to adopt XOS HD Replay was NCAA football’s Southeastern Conference (SEC) with the Big12, the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and Conference USA following close behind.