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WXEL leverages new technology for tapeless transition

WXEL-TV42, the PBS member station in Boynton Beach, FL, has upgraded its facilities to a tapeless workflow leveraging the latest NVerzion technology for automated master control operations for the station's 42.1 main channel.

Much of WXEL's past programming was recorded on tape. The station's earlier system ingested daily play logs from the Myers Pro Track system. With the new NVerzion automation system, the station now works with the latest BXF technology and traffic communications solution from Myers Information Systems. This enables direct file transfer of logs to the NControl transmission playlists for seamless, on-air scheduling.

NVerzion's suite of automation software, including NControlMC, NGest, NTime, NPoint and NView, was installed along with a Utah Scientific HD master control switcher/router and a SeaChange HD video server.

NControl uses built-in features to interface with the master control switcher across a serial connection to fire relays and trigger different switches to control the master control switcher's activities, while also managing and airing the program content.

Using the NVerzion technology, the station's operators now simply record programming into the video server with NGest, and arrange record times for network feeds in both HD and SD into the video server with NTime.

WXEL is also using the NPoint software, which allows operators to trim clips once they are ingested into the video server. The deployed NView database viewer provides station operators with direct access to detailed information associated with each clip.