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WWE Selects Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 Intercom System

The World Wrestling Federation (WWE) relies on Clear-Com Communication Systems’ Tempest2400, a four-channel digital wireless intercom system for its popular TV programs. The system helps coordinate lighting changes and other video elements during each event.

Prompted by the FCC’s recent spectrum changes, WWE wanted equipment that would give it access to additional RF space during its shows. It needed a system that would work in the U.S. and abroad without the need for licensing and frequency coordination. WWE found a natural fit in Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 as it operates license-free in the 2.4 GHZ band. With its purchase of two Tempest2400 base stations and 10 beltstations, WWE can register each beltstation to a base station with no further configuration.

“In this new environment, the Tempest 2400’s ability to operate in the 2.4 GHz band worldwide was very attractive, but an added bonus was how easy it was to configure the beltstations,” said Martin Pingree, senior director, Technical Engineering and Event Technical Operation for WWE. “Our crew really appreciated that they can customize their beltstations, label their options and then use those same configurations around the world.”

As WWE’s stage shows are large, media-intensive events, the lighting crew is responsible for changing looks during each part of the show and working multiple media servers to support the video elements crucial to the show design and live broadcast. The system also helps ensure that the crew can communicate clearly with other beltstation users and the TV trucks, using an Algebraic Code - Excited Linear Prediction (A-CELP) voice compression algorithm to maintain voice audio quality in the midst of extremely loud WWE fans. Further, the system’s iSelect On Command Roaming allows the crew to move easily from one coverage zone to another.