Worldnow Unveils Channel-in-a-Box Virtual Broadcast Platform

NEW YORK —Worldnow, a manufacturer of digital content management and monetization platforms, announced the introduction of Worldnow Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB), a cloud-based virtualized broadcast platform.

The Worldnow CiaB platform provides customers with a low-cost, low-risk, easy-to-deploy solution to launch and support automated and dynamic branded channels to web, mobile, over-the-top (OTT), and digital sub-channels. With CiaB, any content owner can create a dot.TV experience that leverages live and/or existing video assets, graphics, tickers, and feeds. The product offers a suite of traditional advertising and advanced sponsorship branding.

Journal Broadcast Group’s WTMJ, the NBC-affiliated station in Milwaukee, Wisc., is the first customer to deploy Worldnow CiaB.

Screen shot from the Worldnow Channel-in-a-Box

Worldnow CiaB provides a solution for customers who want to output both baseband video streams and audio, images, and text through a discrete video subchannel. For video brands who seek a dot.TV experience, Worldnow CiaB enables them to combine all their digital assets in a single platform.

More than just a livestream feed, Worldnow CiaB creates a new programming revenue stream for broadcast brands, enabling live video or on-demand assets to be uploaded and organized into individual shows. Long-tail content can be managed for continuous delivery, and breaking news and events enable real-time switch from scheduled to live programming any time. The Worldnow IntelliEngine feature ensures minimal oversight for customers who, like WTMJ-TV, create a digital subchannel for weather information, including radar VOD clips, as well as a news ticker, in addition to their livestream content.

An FCC-compliant product, Worldnow CiaB can manage signals up to 1080p, and accepts a range of video and image formats, including WMV, MOV, MP4, MPG, PNG, GIF, and JPG. The intuitive layout of the product creates three distinct zones for each show, which can be sized and programmed for multiple media types and can import a range of feeds, including Twitter and RSS.

Worldnow CiaB enables 24/7 monitoring of assets and operations, and offers literally thousands of configurations for content display and advertising.