World War II Coming Again… in HD!

You've probably seen scores of movies about World War II in HD (at least via some 35 mm color film), but seeing the war in HD is a different feat altogether.

The History Channel has gathered several thousand color film images from a wide array of sources throughout the world and plans to digitize as much of them as possible — notably 35 mm film, which was widely used in Hollywood during the war years — but not so much in the actual war zones because of its lack of portability, among other drawbacks.

The multi-part series, which will most likely be spread over 10 nights in prime time next fall, will include new HD material inserted into the vintage footage, and include 5.1 channel audio. The audio will be both authentic and newly added sounds with the aid of the Library of Congress.

The project's post production is nearing completion, according to published reports, although no air date has been announced for the multi-part series. Nor does it yet have a title, except perhaps the obvious: "WWII in HD!"