World Cup Taps Avitech to Display HD Feeds

Avitech International, a provider of multi-image display processors, will provide its multiviewers to monitor a variety of video feeds from the dozen stadium sites housing this summer's World Cup in Germany. All 64 scheduled matches will be broadcast in HD for the first time.

The IBC in Munich will be the hub of all broadcast operations for the global tourney, June 9-July 9. It will be connected to all World Cup venues and will be the end-portal of all feeds. Host Broadcast Services, the designer of the IBC, will be responsible for providing production, transmission and other services to broadcasters globally during the month-long event.

Avitech, based in Redmond, Wash., said its multiviewers are being integrated into the overall IBC system, among other things, to double check that all the video signals from the 12 stadiums are received properly. Signals will be viewed on Avitech multiviewers at the other end of the delivery chain before being made available for final international transmission.

The Avitech media command center will also be used to display video feeds inside the stadiums, as well as the IBC. The processors will be used as multiple quad splits on various screens, in full-screen mode, and as a multi-image display processor with up to 28 video signals per display.