World Cup 3D footage captured with Element Technica

Rig designer and manufacturer Element Technica was given exclusive rights to supply 3D camera rigs for this year’s World Cup games. The special rigs allow cameras to be stereoscopically mounted, so footage can be recorded and later processed into a single, three-dimensional picture.

22 Quasar rigs provided eight camera positions for the gaming venues in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

A key factor in Element Technica’s success was the Quasar’s quick breakdown and reassembly time. All 22 rigs needed to be moved from one soccer venue to the next for the following day’s games in under four hours, or additional units would be needed, driving up production cost.

The Quasar rigs were originally debuted at the 2009 IBC convention last September, and then tested in February for their compatibility with the 3D processing hardware. Europe’s Six Nations Rugby Championship and the French Open tennis championship were also recorded to test the Quasars.