WMFE selects Professional Communications Systems for $3.2 million project

Professional Communications Systems (PCS) has been awarded a $3.2 million contract to design, supply equipment for, and install a seven channel SD/HD master control and digital infrastructure system for WMFE Channel 24, the PBS station in Orlando, Fla.

The six SD channel, one HD channel Master Control system will be supported by a wideband digital routing system for video and AES audio. A file server and archiving system will be used for storage and playback of program material, and software will allow content management and low-resolution browsing and playback. The entire system will be under automation control.

The new system will allow WMFE’s digital Channel 23 to air, or record and play back, HD programs from PBS, along with the ability to multicast four SD program channels. WMFE will also incorporate Channel 24 into its digital plant, bringing it under automation control by digitizing the analog signal and feeding it through the file server.

PCS and WMFE are currently designing the system, installation is scheduled to begin in June, and WMFE will bring the system on-line and begin multicasting SD programming by late fall.

For more information, please visit: www.pcomsys.com.

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