WKAR Receives Utah Scientific Digital Routing

WKAR, a PBS member station located at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, has taken delivery of a Utah Scientific digital routing system. The UTAH-400 144 x 144 is configured with 48 SD inputs, 40 SD outputs, and 24 HD inputs and outputs. The system’s expandability will come in handy in the future when more inputs and outputs are required as the master control room is converted to full digital.

The reliability of a Utah Scientific analog AVS-2 routing switcher the station has had since 1995 was a big factor in the decision to buy from the company again.

WKAR’s router will provide the signal path for playout to air from an Omneon Spectrum video server controlled by an NVerzion automation system. WKAR has one HD and two SD services, plus an additional three programming streams provided to Comcast’s Lansing metro area cable system. Additionally, 9 channels of analog content are provided to the university campus.