Witbe Plans for 3DTV QoE Monitoring

NEW ORLEANS:Witbe is offering a solution for quality of experience (QoE) monitoring for 3DTV.

The new system for 3D stereoscopic TV was announced at the SCTE CableTech Expo in New Orleans, and it is expected to be available by year-end.

The Witbe 3DTV monitoring system anticipates will give TV service providers and broadcasters a means to handle quality assurance with 3DTV broadcasts, helping to preserve viewer satisfaction.

The solution uses active robots that interact with any kind of 3D services: on-demand or live content, including the set-top boxes (STB). The system performs real user actions, and verifies the on-screen results.

Among the parameters checked are: availability of both the left and right 960◊1080 images; visual channel changing time; and picture quality based on a subjective mean opinion score for left, right and stereoscopic images.

The MOS quality check is based on ITU-R BT.500 recommendation for non-reference video quality analysis for digital TV and was developed by Witbe under the auspices of the 3D-HD Alliance in cooperation with Cisco, Nagra, Numéricable, Panasonic and Sagem.