Wireless HDTV employs ultra wideband technology

Focus Enhancements recently demonstrated its ultra wideband (UWB) streaming video during a recent Asian tour for OEMs. Video streaming at distances exceeding 10m and, in several cases, through walls, was shown to a variety of engineers and product managers in three countries.

The demonstrations were run using commercially available TALARIA UWB evaluation hardware. Several experiments were run, including transmitting video room-to-room through a concrete wall and passing the signal through more than a dozen observers standing between the transceiver pairs. Previously, the company had been able to successfully transmit in excess of 30m in line-of-sight demonstrations. In almost all cases the packet error rates for transmission were much less than 10 percent, and in many cases less than one percent, even with people standing in the path of the radios.

Focus Enhancements’ UWB technology allows wireless HD and SD video transmission at data rates from 37Mb/s to 880Mb/s.

For more information, visit www.focussemi.com and www.focusinfo.com.