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Wild Eyes Production grows storage for Avid Unity with 96TB Archion Synergy

Noted for going into some of the world’s most dangerous places and coming back alive while pushing the frontiers of digital workflow, Wild Eyes Productions has recently added 96TB of Archion Technology’s Synergy shared storage to its Avid Unity MediaNetwork.

As Wild Eyes moves into stereoscopic 3-D production, it has been using the 96TB Synergy system to handle increasing amounts of HD and 3-D content, said Wild Eyes post-production supervisor Conor Morris. Synergy provides the scalability and protection for Wild Eyes’ Unity Media Engine.

“Simply put, Archion’s Synergy has proven to be a lifesaver for us,” Morris said. “Like most facilities, our biggest obstacles have always been: How do we expand on a budget, and how do we tie it into the existing workflow?”

According to Morris, Wild Eyes was not willing to compromise its media and, therefore, chose to protect it all with Archion’s Synergy solution. Of the 96TB of Synergy storage, 72TB are fully protected and usable.