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Wheatstone releases white paper on audio processing

Wheatstone, manufacturer of audio products including mixing consoles and Vorsis DSP engines for broadcast, has announced the availability of a free white paper, “Audio Processing: State of the Art,” available on the Vorsis website. Topics addressed include the importance of audio processing to everyone from engineers and program directors to sales staff and, obviously, the home listener.

This new white paper is the result of an independent study by Alethea Research, which surveyed radio engineers, managers and programmers. Wheatstone contact lists were not used, thus ensuring the integrity of the study.

The key point of the white paper is that, in addition to being competitively loud, it is increasingly important for radio stations to present a cleaner sound and its attendant implication of quality. Loudness tends to be more important in larger, highly competitive markets.

This 18-page document, written by Josh Gordon, Wheatstone director of marketing and content development, can be freely downloaded from the Resources section of the Vorsis website.v