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WFLA-TV Launches Mobile DTV

WFLA-TV, the NBC affiliate and a Media General station, has become the first broadcaster to implement Mobile DTV service in the Tampa, Fla. Market, with service being initiated on Oct. 11. The launch was the second for Media General, with its WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio taking Mobile DTV to the air on Sept. 23.

“In addition to now offering Mobile DTV in two television markets, we look forward to extending our reach to as many as four to six additional television markets in the coming months,” said Marshall N. Morton, president and chief executive officer of Media General. “We already serve a growing audience over numerous personal wireless devices, with our e-mail, APPs, SMS, and mobile website services. We also are pleased to be part of a group of 12 broadcasters who comprise the vanguard for Mobile DTV.”

Media General owns 18 network-affiliated television stations, as well as three metropolitan and 20 community newspapers. The chain also maintains Websites for its stations and print publications.