WFLA supports HD news center with Kaleido-X display processor

Media General's flagship station, WFLA-TV serving the Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL, market, is using a new Miranda Technologies Kaleido-X multi-image display processor at its news center building in Tampa as part of a stationwide upgrade to HD.

The news center broadcasts six hours of news per day and also produces programs for other Media General stations.

The station's Kaleido-X replaces 62 CRT monitors, some of which showed the same source, and is configured to display up to 48 sources across four 50in LCD screens, including HD, SD and composite video. The system allows operators to send any source to any display, in any position, at any size and in any resolution, without source grouping restrictions.

The station also is relying on Miranda Technologies’ X-Edit layout software to make it easy for directors using the system to configure the multi-image display processor to meet their needs, said Mark Schaefer, WFLA director of engineering.

The Kaleido-X windows can be resized from very small windows to full-screen display without loss of definition. A single Kaleido-X frame can accept up to 96 video inputs and provide up to eight multi-image outputs. Multiple frames can be connected to address large-scale monitoring requirements. The multi-image outputs are fully independent, and the system can be configured for multiroom or multiuser environments.

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