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Wescam introduces new microwave system

SkyPod V can be installed in a variety of locations on the aircraft.

Wescam’s SkyPod V airborne microwave system is a long-range video microwave transmission and relay system. The SkyPod V provides video and audio signals in real-time to fixed or mobile ground receive sites. The system includes an externally mounted antenna pod, typically integrated with its own microwave transmitter and up to three separate antennas.

The duplex system adds a receiver and transmitter notch filter for maximum operational flexibility and signal quality. Antenna selection is performed remotely from the operator controls positioned inside the aircraft. Each antenna can be configured for simplex or duplex (optional) operation, allowing the system to be operated as an airborne microwave repeater.

The communications, antenna steering and control electronics are integrated into a single unit, the SmartLink SIU. The same SIU can control both the stabilized camera system and SkyPod V. The integration of camera and antenna control, overlay generation, video distribution and switching in a single, unit significantly reduces overall system complexity and weight.

All system status and control information is placed on video overlays on the operator’s video monitor, resulting in a standard operating interface which is both simple to use and highly flexible. All operator controls are grouped on a single, compact panel mounted interface unit, and the SmartLink control panel.

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