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Weather HD Reconfigures for iPad

A lot of the tens of thousands of apps currently available to download on the iPhone are now undergoing reconfigurations to work on the newly released iPad — including Weather HD, which it says makes more sense on the computer tablet's larger 9-inch-plus screen.

Some of the iPhone's most basic apps that come standard with the iPhone (such as Weather, Calculator, Stocks and Clock) are not included with the iPad, which is why outside vendors are seizing the opportunity to provide iPad versions of the same apps. (Nearly all iPhone apps were devised by parties outside Apple, with Apple's blessing.)

The new Weather HD for the iPad comes from Vimov, which has incorporated video images of various weather conditions wherever possible (sometimes in lieu of text data) to indicate current weather conditions for various major-city locations.

Weather HD costs $1 and is functional with any iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 (or later versions). Vimov produced a marketing video now running on YouTube to demo some of its iPad app's visual effects.

Like most other apps currently being refitted for iPad (usually signified by a "+" after the app title), the term "HD" is thrown around a lot — but in truth, most of this type of "HD" is a marketing tool and the video in question strives to get as close to 720p as possible. And maybe YouTube has something to say about it, but the highest quality option available on the Vimov demo of Weather HD is 480p.