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WCHS-TV Launches HD News Set

CHARLESTON, W.V.–WCHS-TV Eyewitness News recently unveiled introduced a new set, designed specifically for HDTV viewing by DDG.

The design has a modern vibe, produced by a blend of metals, cherry wood and textured stone finishes. The diffusion panels behind the anchors also add depth and dimension to the set.

“This set has so much more versatility than what we had previously. With multiple shot possibilities and a variety of performance areas, we have plenty of options that help our anchors and reporters to tell the story... and the layout of the set makes our studio look much bigger on television than it really is,” said Matt Snyder, news director at WCHS-TV.

>By incorporating both a rear projection screen in the main background area and a large NEC video wall in the multi-purpose area, WCHS has multiple venues for a variety of presentations. They also have several rolling elements, including a large mobile kiosk that can be used for stand up presentations or as an added element behind the anchors.

“My experience working with the DDG team was very positive. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and you got the sense that they placed very high value on our input and feedback; we were part of the process every step of the way,” Snyder said.