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WCAX-DT improves on-air look with Pixel Power

WCAX-DT, the CBS affiliate in n Burlington, VT, has deployed several different broadcast graphics platforms from Pixel Power to support the station’s move to HD news programs and channel branding. The solution combines the Clarity 5000 and Clarity 3000 graphics systems, LogoVision channel branding systems, and the first local station installation of the Pixel Promo automated promotions and branding application.

The highly affordable graphics technology gives WCAX the capability and flexibility generally reserved for major network facilities in a package that fits the requirements of a local broadcaster.

Phil Scharf, director of operations at WCAX, said they were looking for a clip player and wound up with an automated channel branding and streamlined news graphics production workflow for HD.

WCAX is the first local-level station in the United States to deploy the new Pixel Promo application, which streamlines the production of graphics sequences by automatically analyzing the WCAX scheduling and file processing systems on the network. Using Pixel Promo, WCAX created a custom set of rules to guide production. Pixel Promo then uses metadata about schedules and the station’s available graphics, video and audio assets to automatically construct graphics elements.

Pixel Promo can reduce or eliminate the work required to create a wide range of graphics such as up-next graphics, menus, lineups and promos. Graphics specified by Pixel Promo are built as needed by the station’s Clarity 3000 for playout on both WCAX-DT’s main HD channel and its secondary 24-hour weather channel.

In addition, a four-channel Clarity 5000 graphics system integrates with the station’s ENPS newsroom computer system via the MOS protocol. Clarity enables operators to quickly build news graphics using premade templates that help to ensure continuity and accuracy. At the same time, the Clarity 5000 provides clip playback for show opens, bumpers and over-the-shoulder compositions, delivers the show bug for branding, and supports a variety of tickers.