WBAL-TV monitors A/V signals with Wohler

WBAL-TV, the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, MD, has installed a variety of Wohler equipment to monitor video and audio signals throughout the station’s newly upgraded HD production facilities.

With the help of Newington, VA-based Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI), the station expanded existing facilities with a new HD video control room, audio control room, HD news production studio, a core equipment room and a video control area. Because Wohler offers a complete range of monitoring solutions, the CEI engineers were able to go with one vendor to address a wide range of monitoring needs.

A Wohler RM-2440 LCD video monitor, which features four 4in displays in a 2RU frame, was installed in the camera control area to provide a view of robotic camera positions on the studio floor. Two Wohler MON4-2W/HR high-resolution video monitors provide camera confidence monitoring over four 4.3in LCD screens in 2RU. Mounted within a cylinder, both monitoring products allow operators to adjust the viewing angle as desired.

In addition, Wohler’s VMDA-4 audio monitor was installed at five director and producer positions to enable operators to independently monitor an AES signal on the monitor wall display. Audio operators use two eight-channel AMP2-S8MDA audio monitors with Dolby E decoding to verify the validity and availability of Dolby processing. Two AMP2A units are being used by the WBAL audio staff as cue speakers.