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Wavefront debuts WIPwiki tool repository that superspeeds application development, deployment at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment 2008

At the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment show, British Columbia’s wireless media company incubator Wavefront and the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) debuted WIPwiki, a community tool for easier and faster mobile application development. An Open Partnership Project, the WIPwiki serves mobile application and content developers from concept through commercial deployment by supplying a central repository for disparate tools and information. WIP estimates that global industry fragmentation is now costing developers $6 billion per year by doubling and even tripling their costs to develop an application across multiple platforms and devices.

With the WIPwiki, developers can focus on innovation instead of the time-consuming search for resources like mobile operator and carrier developer programs, platforms, devices, APIs and SDKs. The wiki model also allows developers to add to and edit this information, share tips, make connections, learn about certification and access or provide go-to-market services and advice.

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