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Washington & Lee University Chooses DaletPlus Asset Management

Washington & Lee University plans to install a DaletPlus Media Asset Management System for use in digital content management, newsroom training, cable channel broadcasting, "smart classrooms" and Web publishing.

Dalet will first install 58 workstations, 25 with simultaneous access to all centrally stored content. The system will ingest CNN, camera feeds and tapes. The video files will be managed in DV25 and MPEG-4 formats through the DaletPlus interface with Matrox DigiSuite cards.

The setup will use two playout channels to broadcast student news on a local cable channel, on campus TV and in multimedia classrooms. Students will be able to work on and submit electronic e-copies of their journalism exercises on the network, allowing instructors to access the projects. Instructors will be able to work and prepare lectures at their desks or homes and store them on the central system for access directly from a classroom workstation.