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Warner Bros. Producing Shows for Wireless, Broadband

Studio 2.0, the arm of the Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) original programming for digital production, has begun production on 23 new shortform series projects for broadband and wireless, the company said.

Studio 2.0 programming will be distributed across a variety of broadband and wireless platforms and sites, often in partnership with advertisers, as WBTVG pursues an aggressive, wide-ranging networked distribution strategy.

WBTVG’s creative strategy for Studio 2.0 is to showcase new artistic voices, provide creative opportunities for established talent in the broadband/wireless space and serve as an incubator for new television series, the company said.

“As I’ve often said, at our heart, Warner Bros. is a content company,” WBTVG President Bruce Rosenblum. “For the Television Group’s digital strategy to truly be realized, we are focusing equally on the creation of original programming specifically designed for the digital market and developing advertiser-supported targeted distribution strategies.”

The company said it’s working to reach audience across multiple platforms and video-on-demand ventures including aggregators like Joost and RealNetworks.

The most successful 2.0 shows could migrate to television from the tiny screen, the company said.

“We do not have a one-size-fits-all distribution strategy,” said Executive Vice President for Business Management Craig Hunegs.