Warner Bros. installs 90 Dalet workstations for ‘The TMZ Show’

Warner Bros. has deployed a Dalet News Suite system to produce “The TMZ Show,” a daily HD show dedicated to the Hollywood scene.

Beyond the production of the show, the Dalet News Suite system is also used to update the TMZ.com Web site. The Dalet News Suite installation was led by National TeleConsultants and implemented by Dalet Professional Services teams.

Ninety Dalet News Suite workstations were deployed in the new TMZ production offices located in West Hollywood, CA. Dalet News Suite provides TMZ journalists and editors with a fully integrated newsroom and tapeless news production system.

Dalet ensures transfers of field material from FireStore HD-4 Pro camera hard drives as well as feed ingest. HD packages are put together using a combination of Dalet and Apple Final Cut Pro editing tools. Script and rundown editing, as well as Omneon playout, gallery automation and content distribution, are all handled using Dalet News Suite. A single, secured database running on a Microsoft cluster is at the core of the Dalet integrated solution.

For more information, visit www.dalet.com.