Vyvx to launch 270 Mb/s network for HDTV backhaul

Vyvx will launch Vyvx HD VenueNet, the broadcast industry’s first end-to-end 270 Mb/s fiber network for live HDTV backhaul. The new network is scheduled to begin operation by the end of January.

Envisioned as the largest HDTV fiber network in the U.S., Vyvx HD VenueNet will initially be deployed at 17 professional sports arenas across the country. It will utilize existing Vyvx VenueNet reservation and transmission procedures.

The new network’s fiber infrastructure increases transmit capabilities to more than three times the bandwidth currently available via satellite. It utilizes 270 Mb/s local loops at points of origin and destination; eliminates HD codecs, thus reducing points of failure; and employs a self-healing MPLS architecture.

The network provides customers with more options than satellite. Users can choose from low-cost Mezzanine-level compression, customer-compressed ASI streams, or customer-muxed streams of any mix of feeds including analog and digital.

For more information, visit: www.wiltel.com/vyvx.

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