Viz|World offers fast 3-D maps

Viz|World is a template-based application that enables users to create 3-D branded maps and geographical animations in real time from an embedded interface within most of Vizrt’s control applications.

The new version of Viz|World is now integrated with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform, enabling on-demand delivery of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery. Through this integration, broadcasters can use imagery products stored on Microsoft’s Internet-based Virtual Earth platform with the control they are accustomed to with Viz|World. 3-D graphical elements can be added to the satellite imagery in real time using a template-based system.

Viz|World is also now integrated with the newest version of Viz|Artist 3.0. Among the improvements in version 3.0 are RTT Advanced Materials plug-ins for photo-realistic rendering of 3-D objects and materials, new Visual Data Tools plug-ins for increased financial and statistic database functionality, and enhanced interactivity with touch-screen devices.

Viz|World is powered by Viz|Curious World Map technology. Maps or templates are first prepared using Viz|Curious World Maps and Viz|Artist design software. Those templates and maps are stored within a Viz|World server that can be accessed by any users throughout an organization.

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