Vizrt, Motion Analysis collaborate on motion tracking

Norwegian real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools vendor Vizrt has teamed up with Motion Analysis (MAC), the California-based provider of optical motion capture systems, to address the problem of camera alignment in complex studio settings.

The problem of camera alignment arises particularly with virtual sets, which now offer almost limitless creative options for setting up simulated live 2-D/3D sets, but make the calibration and alignment of multiple cameras with the synthetic set prohibitively complex and time consuming. With its Viz Virtual Studio, Vizrt has taken the complexity out of setting up 2-D/3D interactive virtual sets by providing an intuitive user interface and compatibility with most major camera-tracking solutions.

One such camera tracking system is CamTrak by MAC, which provides motion tracking of studio cameras and virtual set systems, such as Viz Virtual Studio. Vizrt and MAC have now entered a partnership to promote and market their combined offers. The CamTrak software tracks the placement of “marker arrays” on studio cameras and aligns that motion data in accordance with the optical axis of the virtual camera. That same motion data is automatically mapped to multiple cameras, which rove freely within a 40ft to 50ft area, to coordinate their views of the same 3D virtual scene.