Vinten supports Comedy Central’s ‘Big Lake’

Comedy Central’s new multicamera series “Big Lake” is using Vinten’s Quattro camera pedestals during production.

Bill Berner, a five-time Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, chose the Vinten pedestals for performance and reliability. He said he especially likes the Vinten Quatro SL model because it allows him to easily move through standard doorways and arches on sitcom sets without performance compromises.

Camera operator Alain Onesto likes the way he can switch the steering ring into the mode that raises the cable skirt. Since the show shoots on sound stages with inconsistent floor heights, it saves time and effort.

Onesto also likes the Vector 700 heads, which he said are smooth and perform flawlessly. Adjustments for weight and center of gravity are excellent for this model, he said.

The crew cited Vinten’s reliability, which they said is exceptional in a constant race against the production clock. The first 10 episodes of “Big Lake” will debut on Comedy Central later this summer.