ViewCast integrates video sourcing, management and delivery

In a move to integrate the sourcing, management, and delivery of video within a single control environment, ViewCast has announced the launch of its Interactive Video Network (IVN).

ViewCast IVN integrates technologies that source, switch, distribute, and manage live and stored video assets in applications including videoconferencing, on-site video distribution, distance learning, video resource sharing, and personal video communication for education, finance, government, and business institutions.

ViewCast IVN integrates virtually any form of video communication into a single environment, controlled with simple and intuitive user interfaces. “Without getting up from my desk, I can view the latest news on the broadcast financial channels, check to see if a visitor has arrived in the lobby, instantly create one-to-one video conferences, add in additional users on the fly, and even stream or multicast live discussions to any number of participants anywhere in the world,” said George Platt, ViewCast president and CEO.

User convenience is enhanced by mobility features that let users log in at remote locations to place and receive video connections via Web-based controls. Traveling employees can log in from their hotel rooms with laptop web cams, or from offices with conventional videoconferencing equipment, and still have a complete video experience.

ViewCast IVN network nodes can be deployed wherever needed and networked together via video “trunks.” The two-way transport can take almost any form-from low-bandwidth H.323, H.320, H.264, or even MPEG video riding on a corporate LAN or WAN to full-motion, uncompressed video moving over dedicated or shared fiber networks.

Virtually any available video delivery method can be used in any combination, with ViewCast IVN software managing the video transport resources automatically. The user is completely unaware of whether the video is carried via TCP/IP, ISDN, or any other available means.

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