View TV Group Selects CommScope Manifest Manipulation Software

(Image credit: CommScope)

HICKORY, N.C.—View TV Group has chosen CommScope manifest manipulation software to enhance its broadcast content delivery network solution, CommScope said.

The CommScope deployment, will enable View TV Group’s transition from traditional channels to digital platforms with proven monetization, the company said.

View TV Group offers its Broadcast CDN to digital and traditional broadcast customers as a way for them to monetize their live and on-demand content and channels. CommScope’s Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) will provide additional functionality to View TV Group’s existing solution, the company said.

“View TV Group selected CommScope’s technology for our Broadcast CDN to reduce the time to market for existing broadcasters moving on to digital platforms and mobile devices,” said View TV Group CEO Jamie Branson.

“We were impressed by its flexibility and ability to integrate into our existing solution. CommScope brings a wealth of expertise in TV delivery around the world, and we can leverage their experience and products to provide both customer bases with a common solution,” he said.

“The future of TV sees the convergence of Connected TV and existing broadcasters wanting to maximize monetization with a broadcast grade digital solution, reliably, efficiency and at scale," he added. 

CommScope MDC is versatile, resilient and scalable. It supports dynamic ad insertion, video personalization and analytics. With support for live, video-on-demand and time-shifted TV services running on HLS and DASH, CommScope MDC has proven itself in the field to be able to scale to millions of subscribers, the company said.

The platform also offers built-in automation to accelerate time to market for new advertising services, it said.

View TV Group’s Broadcast CDN is an end-to-end IP and OTT broadcast solution. It offers a carrier-grade content delivery network for use by broadcasters and other content owners and includes full Nvidia GPU video transcoding, dynamic content delivery to all devices, addressable monetization and audience statistics, the company said.

More information is available on the CommScope website.

Phil Kurz

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