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Video Clarity to spotlight AV quality assessment products

At the 2011 NAB Show, Video Clarity will spotlight its AV quality assessment products. RTM is an automated, broadcast-quality monitoring system designed to save valuable man-hours by confirming errors that users have seen and finding errors that users have missed. It alarms when the audio or video quality is impaired, the audio and video is out of sync (lip sync) or the VANC data is missing/corrupted. The alarms are visible on the front panel, through SNMP or its own GUI.

ClearView Player is a broadcast-quality media player ideal for when an uncompressed YUV/RGB source is needed for digital transmission testing. It provides uncompressed playback for review, analysis and conformance/performance testing. The system includes many of the EBU and VQEG test sequences and enables the easy creation of test sequences.

ClearView test and measurement analyzers are designed for AV quality, subjective viewing, and recording and playing HD and SD uncompressed sequences. The product line includes tools for no reference and reduced reference, as well as full reference. ClearView includes two full-reference scoring methods or scales: DMOS, the difference between the mean opinion scores of the reference and processed sequences; and JND, the number of human observers that must be gathered to end up with at least one person who believes that the processed sequence is at least as good as the reference (just noticeable differences).

See Video Clarity at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth SU7508.