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Video Clarity provides Harmonic with test tools

Video Clarity, a provider of visual test analysis equipment, announced that Harmonic has chosen both RTM and ClearView products in its lab environment for video quality testing. RTM and ClearView from Video Clarity will empower Harmonic to improve the TV operator's and, ultimately, home viewer's quality of experience.

Harmonic utilizes RTM, a real-time quality assessment tool, and the ClearView analyzer in product test environments. RTM non-intrusively measures the quality, logs statistics and alarms on A/V distortions and lip sync drifts. RTM saves valuable man-hours by vigilantly monitoring streams measuring A/V quality. RTM alarms on degraded A/V quality and saves the streams around the degradation for future engineering studies, while continually monitoring A/V sync (lip sync) and providing statistics of the quality scores. RTM operates without injecting additional data and thus requires no special content formatting.

ClearView can store and play any video sequence in any order for any period of time. A key element is a variety of analysis playback modes used to compare the original and processed video sequences — side-by-side, mirrored, or seamless split — on the same display. Further, ClearView applies various objective metrics to the video sequences, generates graphs, displays pixel differences and calculates an objective score.