VFGadgets.com introduces chart systems

VFGadgets.com has been awarded distribution rights for the Target multiformat framing charts and the Target resolution charts.

Richard Stringer designed the Target resolution chart kit for use with motion picture, photographic and digital stills lens testing. The charts use a direct measurement system that uses center markings in photographic film and still cameras with reflex viewfinders to maintain consistent pattern sizing.

The resolution charts show there are seven in-between patterns within a doubling progression from 40 to 80. This provides more options and enables users to pinpoint a higher, more specific value than existing systems.

Stringer also developed the Target multiformat framing chart kit. It was designed for image line up on a multicamera panorama motion picture or video project. It offers a quick, simple and accurate way to record frame lines.

For more information please visit: www.vfgadgets.com.

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