Verizon FiOS to Carry 25 More HD Channels by Holidays

By year’s end, subscribers to Verizon FiOS will be able to receive “up to” 150 HD channels. This summer, the company will roll out more than 60 new channels (including at least 25 new HD channels).

The telco-turned-TV-provider said its lineup will include “all available major” HD programming—as well as 1,000 HD VOD titles—by the end of 2008. The announcement did not include specifics on local HD channels, but the aggressive rollout would put pressure on Verizon’s local cable competitors and satellite providers to maintain growth in their own HD offerings.

“The popularity of HD, sports and multicultural content continues to grow, and we’re committed to leading the industry in the scope and quality of our programming offerings,” said Terry Denson, Verizon vice president of FiOS TV content and programming. “We are aggressively acquiring high-quality programming in both standard and high definition that appeals to a broad array of viewers.”

Verizon will begin its rollout of the new content, region by region, to areas where FiOS TV is available in early July. The 25-plus new HD channels will bring the total number of available HD channels to at least between 52 and 65, depending on location.

Verizon will also be the first U.S. carrier of Setanta, a channel featuring European and international soccer and rugby.