Verizon FiOS Hits 100 HD Channels

Verizon said this week its still-relatively young FiOS fiber-optic TV service now provides 100 HD channels in every market where FiOS TV is available. The company, not too long ago a telco-only firm, markets FiOS as a digital TV service that is superior to cable because, among other things, it does not compress HD channels originating from broadcast and other sources.

Verizon FiOS says its network is entirely fiber-optic. To date, it has about 1.6 million subscribers.

Its high-end box (marketed as Home Media DVR) allows subscribers to record content on a single DVR and view it from any connected set in the home—or (get ready for it…) record up to three different shows simultaneously on the same DVR with subsequent playback of the different content on three sets.

The Home Media DVR wunderkind can record up to 80 hours of SD, or 20 hours of HD content.

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