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Utah Scientific, Barco Partner on Multiviewer

Utah Scientific announced recently that it has entered into an agreement with Barco for integrating Utah’s routing switcher technology with Barco’s high-res multiviewer products.

The combined system will be designed to provide operators with an instant identification of the status of multiple video sources being displayed. “Utah Scientific and Barco have a history of working together successfully on behalf of our customers,” said Jim Durant, market manager of broadcast for Barco North America. “This agreement enables us to provide them with a combination of two best-of-breed, tightly integrated products: a state-of-the-art multiviewer and a top-of-the-line router.”

As part of the first phase of the joint venture, engineers from both companies have already developed the M-V Bridge, a combination of hardware and software for integrating control of Barco’s SMV-116 multiviewer with the system used for Utah Scientific’s routing switcher line.