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Utah offers IP router with real-time control

Utah Scientific has announced a 24-port IP router, offering broadcasters real-time, on-the-fly control of port priority, security groups and the ability to increase port speed on Ethernet networks.

The Utah-400 iP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Workgroup Router was designed to increase workflow efficiency where large video files or high-bit-rate streaming video are transferred over an Ethernet network. The unit's built-in control panel enables an operator to control switch parameters instantly, including allocating bandwidth, QoS and VLAN assignments, in response to the constantly changing needs of a network.

The ability to make instantaneous changes in response to traffic conditions means high-priority items coming from any device can be moved to any other port with top priority, while lower-priority items wait their turn. Dynamic management can also be used to reduce errors in streaming media traffic.

The control panel enables dynamic creation of security groups so the user can partition the network into smaller virtual networks, providing assurance that only authorized people can access sensitive content. Port speed control helps troubleshoot network operations and allows the operator to isolate network nodes that are using too much bandwidth. The UTAH-400 iP will ship this spring.