USDTV to use TANDBERG compression gear

U.S. Digital Television (USDTV) will use TANDBERG Television's MPEG-4 AVC digital compression technology in a system-wide expansion.

USDTV, a pay-TV service provider using broadcast television signals for distribution to home viewers, will become the first television service provider in the United States to convert its entire network from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC encoding. The upgrade would double the amount of content USDTV can offer its customers.

As part of the sale, TANDBERG will provide EN5930 encoders with Reflex statistical multiplexing, MX5640 multiplexers and nCompass control. USDTV sends encrypted cable channels via satellite to local TV station partners where they are distributed over the air along with the broadcasters' primary channels.

Once the compressed video signals reach the subscriber's home, USDTV's MPEG-4 AVC to MPEG-2 transcoder produces DVD-quality images on any analog or digital television. USDTV recently announced its second-generation set-top-box, which includes integrated MPEG-4 AVC capabilities and will be launched later this year.

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