USDTV to use LG DTV Tuners

LG Electronics is providing ATSC tuners for USDTV's set-top boxes to improve reception for difficult to reach dwellings such as apartments and in urban areas. USDTV, which recently launched the nation's first digital broadcast pay TV service, is also working with Dotcast and Winegard Company to produce a digital antenna. LG's DTV reception technology was developed and tested with Zenith--its U.S. subsidiary.

"LG's chip advances will make over-the-air digital TV reception easier for millions of viewers, and this is a critical milestone for our company and our broadcast partners," Steve Lindsley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Digital Television said.

When combined with the LG DTV technology, broadcast service areas will be expanded and many difficult reception areas mitigated.

"Independent tests on the performance of this fifth-generation technology have exhibited large improvements in difficult urban multipath conditions over previous generations," said Victor Tawil, senior VP of the Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV).

Shipping of LG components with USDTV will begin Q4 of 2004.