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U.S. patent body green-lights CodecSys video compression technology

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has given the go-ahead to Broadcast International to patent its core CodecSys video compression technology. With the U.S. approval, the technology has now been patented in seven countries across the world.

According to the company, the CodecSys technology “dramatically” cuts video bandwidth requirements over satellite, cable, IP and wireless media, and will pave the way for the cost-effective deployment of bandwidth-intensive video applications such as live streaming video to cell phones.

CodecSys uses artificial intelligence technology to dynamically switch between optimized codecs selected from a library of codecs, allowing for the strongest aspects of a codec to be used for compressing a particular segment of a video stream while minimizing the weaknesses. This results in higher quality video at the lowest possible bandwidth, which is more difficult to achieve with a traditional single-codec approach.

As an example, the technology could enable 12 HDTV channels to be broadcast over the same media currently supporting only two channels — a bandwidth reduction of more than 80 percent.

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