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U.S. broadcast network inks deal with Glowlink for carrier management

Carrier management and satellite interference detection system provider Glowlink has been contracted by a leading U.S. broadcast network to provide a carrier management system.

The Glowlink Model 1000 carrier management system will provide the network real-time management and problem-solving tools to help ensure the network maintains the quality expected from viewers.

Glowlink’s DSP-based Model 1000 carrier management system, which is equipped with SunCar (signal under carrier) technology, will allow the network to detect and characterize in-band interference without having to take programming off the air. The Model 1000 is also equipped with Glowlink’s TOP technology, which automatically detects and measures transponder compression.

The Model 1000 will integrate with the network’s existing monitor and control system via standard interface protocols, which provides an enterprise view of its ground and space payload assets.

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