Uruguayan broadcaster to roll out HD news production by month's end

Uruguayan TV channel Canal 4 Monte Carlo has plans to upgrade its news production center to HD by the end of this month.

Relying on VSN, the project includes a new redundant vsnairnews two-channel broadcast playout server. The broadcaster’s existing four-channel vsnautorec ingest system will be upgraded to HD, and a vsnstorage storage module with capacity for more than 300 hours of HD video also will be added. Canal 4 Monte Carlo currently operates a completely tapeless news production system, from field newsgathering to news playout.

According to Jorge Spinella, technical manager of Monte Carlo TV, the channel works in a demanding environment where a single failure could interrupt broadcast. The reliability and support service Canal 4 Monte Carlo has experienced over the past three years with other VSN technology led the broadcaster to select the company for its HD news transition, he said.