UpdateLogic and National Datacast continue relationship

UpdateLogic, a maker of solutions designed to update software within digital television devices, has extended its long-standing technology sharing relationship with National Datacast, a commercial subsidiary of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

The two organizations said they have expanded their relationship to include technology development and licensing arrangements that will result in new products, services and business opportunities. Thanks to a good working relationship, the two groups have signed a new eight-year partnership, increased from a previous five-year term, which includes National Datacast to secure ownership of a significant equity interest in UpdateLogic.

The two have worked closely together over the past few years. UpdateLogic has deployed a U.S.-based network of UpdateLogic servers and technology using National Datacast’s nationwide network of stations.

UpdateLogic’s innovative UpdateTV solution uses the National Datacast network of PBS member digital television stations across the United States to transparently deliver and install software updates for digital television and other devices (such as TVs and set-top boxes). This reduces costs for manufacturers and increases the reliability of DTV devices.

Under the new agreement, both parties will collaborate to further develop data casting technology. National Datacast will use UpdateLogic’s technology to enhance the capabilities of its nationwide data broadcasting network that’s used to aggregate, manage, schedule and distribute PBS content and services.

Meanwhile UpdateLogic will continue to exclusively use National Datacast’s network to deliver various types of data, content, advertisements and electronic information that are displayed or overlaid on digital television sets (excluding digital signage and mobile/portable services or devices) in addition to software updates to DTV devices.

National Datacast will also use UpdateLogic’s servers and software to deliver software updates as well as multimedia content and information services to television sets and other DTV receivers (computers, set-top boxes and mobile, portable and handheld devices), including digital signage, various forms of entertainment (e.g. video on demand), in-car services, homeland security/public safety, and corporate training, just to name a few.

Separately, UpdateLogic announced that it has secured and closed a new round of venture financing from Core Capital Partners and others.

For more information, visit www.nationaldatacast.com and www.updatelogic.com.